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About Us

Our Location, Guarantee, Polices, & More

Located in San Diego, California, Paleopunk Pro is a small artisan fetish gear business with a dedication to the unique. We vend select local events, including Club X, TNG, and House of Black. Come see our wares in person by checking our Events calendar linked below.

We specialize in high quality artisan fetish gear, concentrating on wood handled floggers. Each flogger has a hand-lathed exotic wood handle with beautiful falls in various materials such as Elkhide, Bullhide, Rabbit Fur, and Rope. We value a unique look, with every piece an original - no duplicates! We also produce such useful items as flogger holsters for ease of carry and use at events, soft leather blindfolds that are as comfortable as they are stylish, and sexy tail plugs with genuine fur tails.


We take pride in the quality of our unusual designs, and guarantee our work for life; see our Guarantee below, along with our polices and other details.


Here at Paleopunk, we make sure that every piece crafted is done so with the best materials and highest workmanship. All of our floggers, dragon tails, and tail plugs are Guaranteed for Life under reasonable usage*. We will repair or replace damage incurred – just deliver or ship your item to us and we will determine if the issue is fixable by our artisan. If we can't make it look like new, we will give you the option of being credited with the item's purchase value for your choice of replacement!

If you have any questions about your purchase or damage incurred, or about our policy, please send us a message via our Contact page and we will get back to you asap!



Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority!

All information sent to us by you is kept private and never shared with any organizations or information collectors. Purchases are handled solely by Square Register and at no point does Paleopunk Pro have access to your card number or information.

In addition, any reviews left here or on other sites will only display the name or title you provide, and should you wish to change the name or title, or remain fully anonymous, please feel free to contact us at any time!

We also vow to mail all orders in nondescript, embarassment-free packaging! No indiscreet advertisements or indelicate imagery will be present.

Privacy Policy

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is via USPS. Tracking numbers will be provided upon request, please include your request in the Notes section of your purchase. Shipped-by time is 2-3 business days; for Made-to-Order items please allow an additional week. Please make sure the address provided for delivery is correct. We reserve the right to request additional shipping fees should your order be returned due to faulty or incomplete addresses or non-pickup of items at the post.

For International orders, please contact us for a quote.

Due to the personal nature of our items we can only accept returns for items damaged during shipment. Please contact us within 24h of receiving the damaged item and we will replace or refund your order.

Shipping & Returns

Come see us in person! Hold a flogger in your hand, feel the weight – and find your perfect match.

Leather Care

Care and sanitation of your leather toys – how to keep them clean and in top shape.


See what people say! Reviews from our customers.

VIP Access

Get an exclusive first look at our newest items, VIP-Only sales, and more!

*Reasonable usage is defined as normal use of the item as intended by Paleopunk with proper storage, sanitation and care. Excessive or unintended use, or damage caused by non-use accidents (such as accidental soaking in water, dropped from a height, animal damage, etc) will void our guarantee. Please see the Leather Care page for reference of proper care of your item.

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