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We offer a wide range of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind fetish gear, specializing in lathed exotic hardwood handled floggers, dragon tails, and tail plugs. Each piece is unique; you'll never see two exact duplicates outside of our florentine matched sets, guaranteed. Unlike other hardwood-handled floggers, ours are not machine cut to match a template, turning out dozens of the exact same dimensions; every piece is shaped by an artisan woodworker to compliment the grain and flow of the wood. We give the leather (or fur, or cloth) the same care and attention - every fall cut by hand, every rivet hand-tapped, tips hand-pointed, braids hand-woven.


To produce quality gear, we use quality materials; genuine leather, fur, horn, and bone - never cheap synthetics or replications. From soft, supple elkhide to heavy, thuddy bullhide; from the buttery caress of deerskin to the sharp sting of cow, a beautiful variety of natural leathers. From all over the world, exotic hardwoods such as midnight-black ebony, deep red bloodwood, striped zebrawood and shining curly maple.


In addition, we enjoy offering unusual items, such as our coffee bean handles that radiate the delicious aroma of coffee while letting the wielder absorb caffeine through their hand, or our signature cog-tipped floggers which leave beautiful scratches on the skin. We are also the creator of the original Cat-5-O'-Nine-Tails, the flail made from internet cable available in a rainbow of colors.


We pride ourselves in attention to detail and uniqueness, and strive to bring you the best.

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San Diego, CA
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