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Other Products

Artisan floggers, dragon tails, and tail plugs isn't all Paleopunk is about! Check out our unique array of additional gear, from hand-dyed and conditioned shibari rope to collars and pendants fit to grace the neck of the most dedicated slave.

Paleopunk Blindfolds

Exquisite sensory deprivation with our soft bullhide blindfolds.

Paleopunk Rope

Hand-dyed, stretched, and conditioned - shibari with style.

Paleopunk Flogger Holsters

Wear your gear on your belt, and show off at events.

Paleopunk Collars

Elegant and simple, comfortable and unyielding.

Paleopunk Pendants

Glass and metal pendants, a classy choice to accent your ensemble - or wear alone.

Paleopunk More Items

Additional Paleopunk offerings.

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