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Below you will see the look and quality of our three main handle types: Exotic Lathed Hardwoods, Genuine Imported Horns, and Shatterwood Resins. Browse photos and descriptions of the possibilities, or Click Here to skip to our list of Currently Available Handles, and their Custom Order Handle ID#s.

Paleopunk Wood Handles for Floggers

Exotic Lathed Hardwoods

Wood Handles are our speciality. Starting from handpicked exotic hardwood pieces, each handle is cut to size, lathed with care to best display the grain and flow of the wood, and then coated layer over layer with our special blend that allows for easy sanitation. Every one is unique!


  • Full Handles are our most popular choice. Ranging from 7in to 10in, they provide a full grip and good range.

  • Medium Handles are shorter, at 4 to 6in. Whether you have a smaller grip or prefer to hold your flogger between the first and second fingers, a smaller handle does well at a shorter range, perhaps in delicate areas.

  • Finger Handles are short handles with a double strap attached. Two fingers go in the straps, and the swivel clip allows for smooth continuous throws without putting stress on the wrist.

Hardwood Handles

Full Handles

Medium Handles

Finger Handles

Genuine Imported


From raw, wild horns, we meticulously clean, sand, polish and oil each one until it becomes something beautiful and fit for your hand. Every horn has it's own story, has fought its own battles under the sun. Individually or in matching pairs, they bring a bit of the wild with them.

We are proud to say that all of our horns are imported legally and each one is taken from an animal harvested by a native village, where every part is used and none wasted. You will never find a poached or trophy hunted horn in our collection!

Paleopunk Horn Handles for Floggers
Horn Handles






Paleopunk Wood & Resin Handles for Floggers



Unique to Paleopunk - Wood & Resin combining to create a gorgeous meld of natural grain and vivid color! Each of these handles are absolutely one-of-a-kind. Only a handful of them are produced each year, as the process is delicate. But so worth the effort!

We also produce a Coffee & Resin combination, which, besides the glorious aroma (a reason for creation all on its own), has the rare effect of allowing caffeine to be absorbed through the palm of your hand whilst in use! An intriguing concept and perfect for a rare flogger.

Shatterwood Handles

Available Handles

Available Handles

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Please note that we do not custom craft handles to order. All handles available for custom orders are shown below. 

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