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Featured Design - Looped Bullhide Tips

This is one of our favorite designs. Looped bullhide riveted to lighter falls gives the piece a swing unhindered by bullhide bulk, but with the deep thud that thick bullhide provides. Heavier tips and a balanced handle with lighter leather between them provides the same effect as a morning star; whipping acceleration of the tips for a faster and harder thud, a noticeable increase in force without tiring the wielder. The doubled-over tips amplify this effect, evenly distributing the impact and giving a hit that is entirely without sting, but penetrating and powerful. Our top-woven tip design, in addition, provides an extra layer of sturdiness while giving the falls a finished, elegant look. We are very pleased with our Looped-Tip Floggers and are proud to provide you with the ultimate in thud!

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